Torrance Polygraph Test

Torrance polygraph test

Lie-detector test
in Carson California

During a polygraph
test in Torrance,
a 10-question
format is used,
that contains up to
4 client questions

Lie-detector test
in Gardena California

Lie-detector test
in Redondo Beach

Torrance polygraphs

Lie-detector test
in Lomita California

Lie-detector test
in Manhattan Beach

Torrance lie detector office

Lie-detector test
in Hermosa Beach

Polygraph test in
Torrance California

Click HERE to call
Torrance Polygraph
818 883-6969


Torrance polygraph test cost

Need a lower price?

There is an office
on Van Nuys Blvd
where a complete
test is under $150

for the public

lie detector test in Torrance

test in